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Similan Islands Tours

Similan Islands Tour by Speedboat

Similan Islands are wonderful, all the islands are so rich in marine life, clarity that you can see 30 meters deep in sea water which color turtle is sitting on the rock,yeah you get so close to marine life by snorkeling itself, and it is quite a popular diving spot also. It’s such a great idea to take a day trip to there. Quick and comfortable speedboat, food and drinks provided, beautiful and...
Adults 3,900 THB
Child 3,200 THB
Adult 2,400 THB
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Similan Islands Snorkeling Camp 2 Days/1 Night

Similan Island One of Thailand’s most beautiful marine national parks. Is located in Tambol Koh Phra Thong. Covering an area of 80,000 Rai, the park is about 90 kms. South of Koh Surin or 70 kms. West of town. The word Similan from Melayu language means nine (Sembilan). Thus, Similan islands including Koh Hu Yong (Koh Nung), Koh Pa Yang (Koh Song), Koh Pa Yan (Koh Sam), Koh Miang (Koh Si), Koh...
Adults 6,500 THB
Child 4,900 THB
Adult 4,800 THB
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Similan Islands Snorkeling Camp 3 Days/2 Nights

The Similan Islands are breathtaking with their both soft and hard corals, and amazing beaches. These are sure to provide you with riches you never thought possible. The corals start at the low tide mark and they gently slope away until around 10 meters when it turns to a steeper slop and it drops to a sandy bottom around 20 to 30 meters. The coral mix is unconceivable with its lavish soft cor...
Adults 7,500 THB
Child 5,300 THB
Adult 5,900 THB
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